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By Micky Allfrey

Serves 4



For the Pasta

200g 00 flour 

2 large eggs




For the filling

Tub of ricotta

250g mixed wild mushrooms  @thefunghiclub


Wild garlic (thyme if no garlic)

50 g parmiesan grated

1 large egg


Micky Allfrey's Mushroom Ravioli.jpg


Put flour onto clean work surface (or use a bowl if you prefer). Make a well in the centre and add eggs and half a teaspoon of salt. Gently work flour and egg together until you have a soft dough. If it's too dry, add a tiny amount of water. If too wet, sprinkle a little flour onto dough and work until you have a smooth dough that isn't sticking to you or work surface. Wrap and place in fridge while you make filling.


Chop mushrooms finely and add to frying pan with butter and salt/pepper to taste. When nearly done add chopped wild garlic and cook together until water has dried out. Put to one side to cool. Put ricotta, egg, parmesan in a bowl, add cooled mushrooms and mix thoroughly. 


Roll out your pasta. If you have a pasta machine, take a golf ball sized portion and,starting on the widest setting, begin to roll your dough. Don't worry if it is a strange shape,  just fold and roll again (sprinkle a little flour in if it sticks). Once it starts to behave, roll dough through each setting, folding or adjusting so that you get a good 'sheet' (sfoglia) forming. By the time you reach the last setting, your sheet should have nice straight edges and be as wide as the roller. If you have a ravioli mold, sprinkle with a little flour lay your sheet on and press gently into the dips. Fill each dip with filling. Be generous so you have nicely filled ravioli. Slightly dampen edges and lay a second sheet on top. Press fluted part of mold onto tin and cut out your ravioli. Tip them out onto tray covered with greaseproof paper sprinkled with semolina and carry on making until you use your mix and dough. The semolina stops them sticking. If they do stick, you can put the paper and ravioli into pan and remove paper as the ravioli unstuck themselves. The semolina will sink to the bottom of the pan. 


If you don't have a mold, you can pile mix onto dough, cover with another sheet, pressing out air around the stuffing, and cut out your shapes using a pastry cutter or knife. Shape isn't important but, depending how big you make them, you should allow for 5-7 per person. 


When you're ready to cook, you need a big saucepan of boiling, salted water. Put in ravioli and cook. They don't need very long and I test my taking a little of the edge (as this is thickest part) and if it is al dente (a little chewy) then they're done. I like to serve simply with wild garlic, butter and a few mushrooms. Top with wild garlic flowers and enjoy.

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