Chestnut Mushrooms - Agaricus Bisporus

  • Quick & Easy, just add water
  • Produces Several CropsHand planted in small batches 
  • ​Product Dimensions 7in x 7in x 7in (17.5cm x 17.5cm x 17.5cm)
  • Prepared in small batches each kit is hand planted to produce the freshest mushrooms possible.
  • High Quality Mushroom Compost
  • Bag of Casing Soil
  • Simple care instructions included


Nothing beats the flavour of freshly picked mushrooms, and it's great fun watching them grow - children love them too! Each kit contains pre-spawned mycelium for Chestnut mushrooms, and a top layer of casing compost. Once setup all you need to do is spray daily with a mister to keep the compost moist, and the mushrooms will get bigger. Once picked, more will follow, and each kit has enough for several weeks worth of cropping.



These kits are ideal for gifts, remove the lid to activate and begin to grow mushrooms which are very low in calories and full of nutrients, this variety is the most widely consumed mushroom in the world.

Mushrooms will continue to grow if left between 14 and 21 degrees - ideal for your kitchen or utility room. In daylight or darkness but not Direct Sunlight. Full growing advice is provided on the instruction leaflet and with FAQ's on our website and our contact details help is always on hand should you require some guidance.

Beginner's 'Ready-to-grow' Mushroom Kit

SKU: MH-001
  • Growing Tips

    The growing process will start when you remove the lid and activate with the top soil. They kits can be stored chilled for several weeks before use. Just sprinkle the enclosed bag of top soil onto your kit onced rehydrated with water and put lid loosely back on for 8 days. Check whiteness each day and remove lid before the whiteness grows over the surface.