Looking for better productivity? The brain-boosting effects of coffee are well-known, but combining it with Lion’s Mane mushroom and rhodiola root will give you the perfect mental clarity in an instant!


Coffee is the world’s most widely used antioxidant-rich superfood and we wanted to give people an easy upgrade for it. You can keep enjoying coffee to crank up your productivity and to boost your metabolism without any guilt for putting strain on your body, thanks to our favourite medicinal mushrooms!


How and when to use:
Add one packet to 7fl oz of hot water or blend into your favorite smoothie
In the afternoon to achieve the perfect state of mind
At every coffee break - for upgraded enjoyment
2 packets per day


Tastes like coffee. Don’t believe? What others say about this coffee:
I am a complete lover of shroom coffee! So nice to have an easy go 2 clean coffee that tastes great & has the benefits of health from the mushroom family. Although around for centuries as natural medicine, mushrooms are making the biggest comeback ever! Shen, Qi, & Jing. Upper, middle, & lower body health from shrooms. Brain, Heart, Endocrine system, go go go!


I've been a fan of chaga mushrooms for years and my boyfriend is a total coffee addict. This product is amazing, and after ordering 3 boxes on my first taste, we will be continuing to drink this every morning.


I absolutely love this coffee! It tastes wonderful - smooth and mellow. I recently gave up sugar, and most other coffees taste too acidic. This is perfect even without the sugar. 5 Stars!

Four Sigmatic - Lion's Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix Tea

SKU: OGX-003