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What's the difference between a Bistro and a Restaurant?  Well that's debatable, but for us, it means this.


"Our all-day menu is designed to evoke a relaxed and carefree feeling, with no strict rules between starters, mains, or desserts. Our locations offer a welcoming and stylish setting and we take pride in offering outstandingly delicious dishes and excellent value for money, while providing a delightful dining experience".  

Next up......


"What exactly is a traiteur?"  Is a question we hear quite a bit and here is our answer.

Literally translated it means caterer - simple.  According to various sources a traiteur used to be a French food-seller, whose places of business were arguably the precursors of the modern restaurant. Today in France however a traiteur is a catering business devoted to take-out/take-home food and the service of larger dinners as well as home delivery. Generally there is no seating in these premises


At both of our sites the traiteur works hand in hand with our bistro so you can shop a bit, dine a bit, indulge in a glass of bubbles if you will  or just chilll and ponder for a while - it's up to you. 


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