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Welcome to The Funghi Club. We have two Bistros with French delis for take home dishes, one in Hungerford and one in Marlborough. You can dine in or browse our range of freshly prepared mostly French dishes to take home and heat up when ever you're ready. In addition we offer a weekly changing menu for delivery or collection on a Friday.  These dishes are delivered chilled and you heat them up at home (or take them to friends and family). All our dishes are made by our Chefs in our production kitchen in Hungerford Park. We use top quality, premium ingredients for our French inspired menus but every now and then we pinch a few super yum dishes from other cuisines so no need to write in if you spot a succulent Steak & Kidney Pudding or an exotically spiced Malaysian Beef Curry on the menu.

A BIT About Us

We, Laurent & Janie started out in 2019 with a mushroom stall (hence the name) doing occasional food and artisan markets and selling our hot Funghi Bun. Laurent is crazy about all mushrooms from a meaty chanterelle to a Hen of the Wood.  Read more about Laurent here. 


When the virus hit we needed new jobs so we morphed The Funghi Club to include our newly created range of (mostly) French inspired, chilled dishes ready to "Heat & Eat" for delivery during lockdown.  It went well and when lockdown ended we opened our first Traiteur in Hungerford High Street and later installed our first Bistro alongside. Our second site in Marlborugh opened in November 2023 . We try to include mushrooms where we can and you'll see lots more of these as the season gets going in the Autumn.

All of our dishes are prepared at our commercial kitchen at Hungerford Park . 

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